How to Close Firefox tabs by double-click on Title

A productivity hack is always welcome if you use the Firefox browser daily. This is a tip that can help you close an active tab faster.

There are several ways in Firefox that you can close a tab. For example, you can close a tab with the CTRL + W key combination via the middle mouse button or old-fashioned via the close button.

By implementing this tip, you can add a fourth way to close an active tab, and that is by double clicking on a tab title. This is my favorite. It’s a quick way to close multiple tabs in Firefox.

This is because if you open too many tabs, Firefox uses too much unnecessary memory.

How to Close Firefox tabs by double-click on Title

Open the Firefox browser. The address bar type: about:config opens the advanced configuration preferences in Firefox.

Click on “Accept the risk and continue”.

Open Firefox advanced preferences

In the search bar, look for the advanced setting: browser.tabs.closetabbydblclick

This browser.tabs.closetabbydblclick value is set to “false” by default. To the right of the value, click the “toggle” button and change the value to “true”.


Now restart the Firefox browser. If you now double-click on the title of a tab, then this tab will be closed immediately.

Close firefox tab by double-click on title

I hope to have informed you of this. Thanks for reading!

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