These are 5 useful tips for Microsoft Word you can’t miss!

Microsoft Word is quickly taken for granted, despite its reputation as an easy-to-use word processor.

But even regular Word users may not realize how powerful the program is, or how many features it has besides the simple editing commands we all know.

Here are 5 different tips that can help you in Microsoft Word.

These are 5 useful tips for Microsoft Word you can’t miss!

Print pages in reverse order

If you regularly print pages through Word, you know that the first printed one always ends up at the bottom of the stack. This is not a problem if you print a few pages. You can simply sort them back by yourself. However, it becomes annoying if you print dozens or hundreds of pages. The back sorting then becomes a tedious job.

To prevent this, you can print pages in reverse order. The last page will then be printed first. The result is that the first page is also at the top of the stack.

Open Word. Click File and then Advanced. In the Advanced settings, navigate to “Print.” Next, check the “Print pages in reverse order” option and begin printing.

Print pages in reverse order using Microsoft Word

Disable automatic bullets or numbered list

When you are typing in Word, and you start typing an “*” or a “1.”, Word recognizes that you are building a bulleted list and automatically fills it in as a bullet. If you want to disable this automatic formatting, you can do so in the following way.

Open Word. Click on File in the menu and then Options. In the Options, click Proofing on the left and click the “Autocorrect Options” button.

Auto-correct options in Microsoft Word

In the Autocorrect Options, click on the “Auto Format as you type” tab. Then, disable the auto-formatting options “Automatic bulleted lists” and/or “Automatic numbered lists”.

Disable automatic bulleted lists or automatic numbered lists in Microsoft Word

Using images as bullet points

By default, a bullet is a circle or a number. However, you can also use an image as a bullet. If you have created a bullet, for example, you can use it as an image.

In the ribbon, click the down arrow to the right of the bullet. Here you will see the library with some predefined bullet points that you can use. In addition, you can select your own image if you click the “Define New Bullet” button.

Define new bullet in Microsoft Word

To do so, click on the “Image” button. You can now insert an image. You can retrieve this image from a file, search with the BING search engine, or via OneDrive.

Insert picture as bullets in Microsoft Word

Wrap text around image

Placing text around an image in Word is not very difficult. Still, it does require a particular example of how you want it. Once you have a clear idea of how you want the text to wrap around an image, so to speak, you adjust it via the layout, text return, and position settings.

All layout options and positions provide a direct preview in Word of how the text will wrap around the image. I assume you have already inserted text and an image into a document.

Click on the image. Then click on “Layout Options” in the menu. You will now see a “with text wrapping” menu with different layouts for placing the text around the image. Every time you click on one of these options, you will immediately see what it will look like in the document.

Wrap text around image in Microsoft Word - Layout Options

To test different positions for the image in the document, click on “Positions” in the menu. You can now set different positions for the image. The text will be displayed around the image, depending on the position selected.

Image position when wrapped around text

Insert automatic time and date field

You can quickly add the time and date to a document with a key combination in Word. By default, this is a dynamic field. That means that every time you save the document, the time and date are updated to the current time and date set on your computer.

To add the current date (set on your PC) to a Word document, press the ALT + SHIFT + D key combination.

To add the current time (set on your PC) to a Word document, press the ALT + SHIFT + T key combination.

Insert current time or date field in Word document

If you want to change the format of this date or time, right-click in the field and click “edit field”. If you click “update field, ” you can change the date or time.

You can change the field type but also the date or time notation. For example, display the day written instead of just the date as a number.

Date formats in field properties word document

I hope to have informed you of this. Thanks for reading!

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